Need your iPhone 3G Unlocked? Wanna Diss AT&T? Taking it Overseas? ANY GSM Carrier will work! T-Mobile, Fido, Rogers Wireless, O2, Vodaphone, Pre-Paid Sim Card, and MANY MORE! ANY GSM CARRIER!

T-Mobile with iPhone 3G. Enough Said.
- James Kim

iPhone 3G Sim Unlock
iPhone 3G Sim Unlock


1. Does this work on ANY GSM Carrier around the world? 
A: Yes, as long as its a SIM Chip carrier, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions sent after the payment.

2. Does this affect my Apple Warranty? 
A: No. Just take out the sim card and put at AT&T chip in before you bring it in for service. (2.2 Software unlock, just restore your iPhone)

3. Does Wifi and SMS (texting) Work?
A: Yes

4. My iPhone says Slide for Emergency. How can I get into the functions?
A: You have to activate it in order to get into the full fuctions of the iphone (using or or use a current AT&T Chip that was activated on a iPhone 3G (Borrow a friends) or if you would like to purchase one for $10; At&t Chip, email me at

5. Does this affect my battery life?
A: No it does not. But recommended if your not using 3G, turn off 3G in the Settings. (And also turning down the brightness helps a lot too)

6. Does this chip allow Edge DATA to work?
A: Yes! 

7. How do you get Data to work? I don't see the Edge sign?
A: Go into Settings->General->Network->Data Roaming (and turn data roaming on)
Then enter in your Cellular data network address. T-Mobile USA is: (leave username and password blank)

8. My Phone says NO SIM/No Service and it just stays there? 
A: Try turning the iPhone off then back on. Also for some carriers like tmobile, 3G must be turned off. Click SETTINGS -> GENERAL -> NETWORK -> TURN OFF 3G. If that still does not work try taking the sim card out for 10 seconds and put it back in while on.)

9. I have a version other than 2.2. How can I get it to 2.2?
A: If you have a lower version than 2.2 (like 2.1 or 2.0) then just "shift click" update to 2.2. [Google the instructions on how to manually update to 2.2] - DO NOT SIMPLY CLICK UPDATE, it will update your iPhone to 2.2.1 or Further. If you have 2.2.1 there is no software unlock YET; its currently under development.

iPhone 3G Sim Unlock